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Although the lack of complaints makes me suspect no one cared, rest assured that the grammar screw-ups and spelling jackassery are going to be fixed asap--lot of business kept the team up late, and hopefully a presidential holiday means work can be done.

"...making Warren Buffet more and more likely to be the human version of Uncle Scrooge, sitting on a pile of money that America--who will probably be wearing a striped shirt and growing beard stubble--is trying to steal by flying his safe away with helicopters. (Okay, that probably only makes sense to me.)"

Don't forget the numbers on the chest, some combination of "176-671".

I finally read my issue so I can comment! Your letters column critique was spot on, except I also name checked that Patti lady from Santa Barbara. She whines that the Economist was being sexist in it's CEO coverage. I think it was her first time reading the Economist.

MB: Carl Barks is the one and the true.

Kenny: You know, I actually had a paragraph dogging on Patti as well, but I cut it because I kind of came around to agreeing with her. They did really lay it on pretty thick when they were talking about what a great mom the Yahoo woman was.

Still...how anyone could've read that article and not thought it was kind of pimp that the lady would throw up from carsickness every single day on the way to work is something that's totally beyond me.

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