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Marty! You're back! Yay!

BTW - Most of these links are already dead! lol

You're soooo right about M.O.P. I think the problem with them is they really reached the peak of what they can do on that Warriorz album. It just hasn't been the same since.

My God, that Bert & Ernie video might be the *funniest* thing ever!

And Kool Keith collaborating with Tom Waits???? OMG!!!! That has to be the best idea no one's thought of yet!

The God Only Knows remix doesn't work for me. That's one of those songs where you can't hope to improve it, you can only make it worse by messing with it.

I'm really liking this Phoenix! Awesome! I'm pretty sure the French are making the best rock music on the planet right now. I haven't been able to stop listening to that M83 album since you guys put it in your top 25, Daft Punk and Justice both have music on lock down, and this Phoenix sounds awesome!

Record Producer was totally new to me, and you're right, it's totally Dilla meets Shadow. It's enjoyable, but a bit too homage-y for my tastes.

You had more patience for the Ryan Lesile song than I did. I tried and had to close out the page in about 15 seconds. No thank you. Speaking of Auto-Tune, what do you think of the Lonely Island song, "I'm on a Boat?" I think it's pretty funny, but I think sometimes I'm easily amused!

The Orb + Sufjan! That's a spot-on description!

Alternative links:

M.O.P. – Blow the Horns (Download link didn't work for me)

N.A.S.A. – Spacious Thoughts (Feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith)

Phoenix - 1901

Record Producer – Good News

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