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YEAH!!! Suck it!
(I've been saying that all day and referencing you.)
Muy impressivo, my darling. Mad, mad skills. Bravo.
I feel all feisty and girled up now.
Thank you and Rock on.

Man! Nice moves Spitfire! Great to get some feminine wiles up in here! Cranks up the temperature a few notches!

I love that Fever Ray video - looks like she's trying to resurrect Cthulhu with Butoh!

Sometimes I want Karen O to crack an egg on my forehead and criticize my driving skills. Am I a normal guy?

I have a strange urge to smoke a cigarette after that.

(extra strange, 'cause I don't even smoke ...)

Nice job, Sarah. You did a wonderful job filling in for Marty!

I also think MIA is extremely hot, but I will say my attraction for MIA has increased at a proportion that directly corresponds to the love for my beautiful fiance.

Portishead is just ridiculously erotic, I agree.

Ooh new Breeders, awesome.

oooooh getcher leather on.

Well done.

New Breeders? Word.

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