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Tucker, this post is brutal and I have absolutely nothing clever to say about it. Good work!


'Nuff said. This time I really don't have anything to add...you nail the fucking dismount.


I think what makes this work so well is that Ennis skips the usual "And this is why slavery is bad!" speech. There's no teary-eyed Green Lantern explaining to us that hate is real, and that people are mean to other people and those people are bad people. There's no real preaching, even.

It's almost childish, in a way. You did something, and this is what you get in return. It's just revenge and hate. And it works.

Good show.

I think - it's maybe not my favourite write-up, this being "a serious project involving college graduates" after all, but just the... Christ, the viscera - it's a brutal piece, and really about the most affecting* centrepiece of - Jesus, 'The Slavers' is unbelievable as a piece of notionally superhero comics. Fucking unbelievable.

*And obviously not in the typical usage of the "oh, feelings" word - but as disgusting as it is, utterly horrible, I felt absolutely complicit in the deed being done. Morality tales!

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