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Thank you so much for reviewing Fringe! It sucks so much but I can't stop watching it. Maybe I am mesmerized by Olvia Dunham showing off her pasta cooking skills to a soundtrack of lite-jazz. I love how you also noticed Lt. Daniels's amphibian eyes.

I won't read the rest of the recaps because I haven't sat down to watch Battlestar yet, and because I haven't seen 24 for three years. Nevertheless, you now tempt me to catch up, if only to see what Chloe "Potato Face" O'Brian is up to these days.

Wait, Kim Bauer is coming back? I hope and pray she'll be chased by a mountain lion again. 24 needs more non sequitur storylines.

I can't believe that Matt Brady from Newsarama is typing for you guys now. So, is this like some sort of blog crossover, first Brady types for the Factual and then the Factual types for Newsarama? Are there any tie-in blogs that we need to read to get the whole story on this crossover?

God, I'm becoming obsessed with this Bad Girls show, or at least these recaps of it. I just can't process what makes these girls tick; is it some innate need for rivalry and drama that makes them find such ridiculous reasons to be lifelong enemies? I don't understand it, but I can't look away.

Anyway, if you're curious about this Fantasy show in Vegas, here's a description of what it's like to attend it: http://yeoldecomicblogge.blogspot.com/2008/02/off-topic-fantasizing-about-early.html

Oh, and I'll assume Mr. Bongz is being facetious, but just in case, I'm not the guy you're thinking of. If you're looking for an inter-blog crossover, TFO does manage to associate with all the good ones, like Jog, the Mindless Ones, Every Day is Like Wednesday, Attentiondeficitdisorderly, and probably several others. We should have some sort of blogger convention sometime; that would make for a great crossover.

His name was Pacey.

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