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That had to be the best day for those Swiss farmers, watching weak stupid Americans destroy themselves doing the job they work at every day. If a bunch of Chinese businessmen came to American farms and started wheat-threshing with minimal success I'd imagine the reaction would be largely the same. I think a small amount of xenophobia is a good thing for a populace.

BTW, new reviews are up, if you click on my name. I'm quite fond of my "Adventure Comics" one.

Wow, you got the whole crew to pitch in this time! And I actually watched one of these shows this week! My fiance is a *huge* Whedon fan, so I watched Dollhouse. I can't stand Whedon unless NPH is his lead, so I thought my impressions of Dollhouse were biased. But it turns out I felt the same as the esteemed Matthew Brady! Whenever Matthew and I agree, I always feel like I'm smart. Anyway, I'm predicting Dollhouse finishes out the year and is never heard from again. Hopefully Whedon goes back to making musicals with NPH!

Well, I'm going to cut the LOST writers some slack with Eloise, as I think her sudden prominent appearance is due to the island's erratic behavior. If you look at the island as a sentient being, just minding its own business of survival in a world whose laws of physics doesn't match up with the rest of the planet (for whatever reasons), it has to follow a protocol of survival that, unfortunately, involves a relationship with human beings (beginning with Richard, and the necessary 'constants,' that being the revolving door of Others). And some of the human beings (notably Ben and Widmore) keep mucking its survival up for their own personal gain!

The more I read about Lost, the more I like the Bad Girls Club.

My heart skipped when Aaron Pierce showed up on 24, flashing his badge at women in hotel bars.

I think I am going to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

I'm not even going to lie: when the credits listed "Glenn Morshower" I screamed like a pixie huffing aqua net. Than I paused the DVR and said "you know who that is right? The only guy who has been on every season besides Kiefer, right?"

And Nina sneered at me with a sneer that could stop a truck and said "It's fucking Aaron. Can we watch the episode now? I've got work tomorrow."

When I told Danielle that Bauer killed Robocop at the end of Season 5, she brushed it off saying "Not even Clarence Boddicker could kill Robocop."

Right before she could catch up on BSG, a website spoiled all the recent character deaths & the final Cylon reveal for her.

What goes around, comes around, Nina.

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