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Hi Nina!

Great review as always! I'm writing from my phone, so forgive me if I spell the name wrong, but Reauglu always seems to write vague, middleish stories. So, spot on review!

Oh god...this makes me really wonder if I am a POSTTWRA. I can tell you this though; I will not write a comic book about myself. EVER. Manga though? Possibly...

You're the best reviewer of comics on the web. I am damning you with faint praise, I suppose, but seriously, no one else makes visible that they engaged with the work, tried to figure it out, get into it, and then talks about whether it worked or failed as a piece of art. Not how it stands against 50 years of a character's history, or whether it's part of a "grim" movement or a "fun" movement, just, "There were words, there were pictures, I played fair and really tried, and here's what I got." And you bring yourself in, in doses which both contextualize your positions and make the piece more entertaining than your subject matter often deserves.

So, hey, thanks for these. Don't stop.

(Aside: I find myself wondering what made the introduction a "fuck you reader" intro ...)

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