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I was under the impression that the Dharma Bums' nosebleeds & headaches stopped because Locke reset & stabilized the wheel, not because the O6 returned.

I don't think that Locke, Sun, Ben & c. are in the past but still in 2007. When the Dharma Bums returned to the beach a few ep's back, they found the wreckage of the Airija Air flight, which had yet to happen. They made off with one of the canoes & were shot at in the water. Methinks it was the Airija Air survivors chasing after them w/out knowing who it was. Juliet returned fire & hit one of them before they time-jumped & were left boatless. Somebody from the AA group got popped, we just haven't seen it from their perspective yet to see who it was.

I could have sworn that the AA group all crash-landed w/out time-jumping as they all witnessed the O6 disappearing. Didn't they crash on the smaller island that Sawyer & Kate were held prisoner in the polar bear cages? The one where they were breaking rocks for "a runway"? I think that Dharma station they had the injured in was on the small island.

I don't buy the Kate/Sawyer/Aaron thing. I think it will be revealed that Kate gave the kid to Claire's mom or maybe Sun's mom. Sun didn't seem nearly as torn up about leaving her kid to return as Kate did. They are going to return to those kids in a big way I bet.

I don't see the Dharma Bums trying to help their future selves by booby trapping the cages or something small like that. I can see them possibly trying to kill a young Ben Linus before he becomes the man they know. The timeline is set up so that the O6 will be entering the '77 Dharma camp around when Ben & his father came to the island.

It will be interesting to see jumps back and forth in time from the young Ben meeting the Dharma Bums & O6 to the adult Ben getting these newly formed memories of them when he was a whelp. Ben would then know where they were in time & be able to use that info to manipulate Locke & the AA group. It may also give Ben a ticking clock to try to either get back to '77 himself or force the DB/O6 to have to time-jump out of '77 before they harm him as a kid. My bet is he will somehow get them yanked out of '77 as I don't think the show is going to have any Marty McFly moments of having characters hiding from themselves around corners or behind lunch counters.

As for the four-toed statue & the Anhks, I agree that the DB's went back in time farther than any previous jump. Although I do think when they were attacked on the beach by the mystery group w/ the flaming arrows, it was that ancient time.

The statue had Anhk's as did Amy's dead husband. If the DI are not believers, maybe Richard's group of Others are. Maybe Amy's dead husband was one of them & was killed for joining the DI. It might explain why Richard wanted her husband's body & the bodies of the Others they buried. More than just eye for an eye proof, but for an ancient ritualized burial.

I have seen some pictures on sites that have four-toed animus statues that range from gods of the afterlife to fertility. Maybe when that statue got reduced to four toed rubble, babies started dying on the island?

I haven't seen last week's Battlestar yet & Tucker makes no mention of Candyman attacking the White House with a giant Wesley Willis drawing of it as a guide in this week's 24.

So I am just going to stare at that Bad Girls Club banana picture.

Holy shit, the description of Bad Girls Club this week might be the one that finally gets me to seek out the show and actually watch it. It sounds totally fucking nuts. I'll probably be disappointed if I do though...

You can see the fight part on the Oxygen network's website, but I think it leaves out all the crazy ass editing and sound effects.

I wonder how much the show creates a sort of aggregate response--while I initially kind of filed them all into the category of drunken looneys, I find myself growing more and more attached to Amber M, since she so easily rises above those around her solely by not being a completely terrible person. Thing is, she really isn't a "good" person or anything, and it's almost impossible to identify with any of these people. None of them respond in a way that ever makes sense. Tiffany and Boston especially--whereas Ailea is just clearly dumb and mentally disturbed, Boston and Tiffany make these bizarre, almost Dadaist choices in the way they respond to external stimuli. But at first, I just thought "Ah, drunken skanks! Being drunk! Being skank!" Now it's like some kind of painful experience in zoology. More and more, I'm falling in love with the cruel sadism of the editors. Those cats must be fun to hang around.

re Lost:

I was NOT being cheeky! Sawyer IS Aaron and he had relations with his mother. Notice the look she gave him when they met up again? "Hi son." That was clearly the look.

The great fear of time travel stories is the whole "I procreated to create myself" storyline, which is why I worried that when Penny named her son "Charles" she was giving birth to her own father, Charles Widmore III. But since it looks like Ben may have killed Penny and baby Charles, either that possible storyline has been aborted or Charles Widmore has been aborted. I am not sure which.

The 4-toed statue is the Egyptian God Anubis (as we saw during the jump back). My new theory is that that the island is the cradle of civilization. The Ancient Egyptians actually came from the island through the "exit" in Tunis and then colonized Egypt. Notice the "guyliner" around Richard Alpert's eyes. He is possibly a pharaoh or something. In any case, I also suspect he is old enough to have been using the Black Rock to get back to the island in the eighteenth century. So he's a pharaoh and a pirate.

Is the island the LOST Civilization of Atlantis?

And where is Rose? Are she and Bernard King and Queen of the Others? Is she sitting on a throne of skulls? Did they get a chance to nurse Frogurt back to health? Inquiring minds demand to know!

Man, Bad Girls Club sounds like the Greatest Show Ever! You've convinced me to start watching it!

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