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I like how everyone on CBR got mad at me when I called the Connor Hawke masturbator guy a lunatic.

I guess I should have known what to expect, but it was still like, What? I have to point this out to you guys?

I actually thought Bong Dazo's art was pretty fun, in an odd way. It was certainly different. I mean, come on, tell me you weren't expecting whomever drew Diggle's Thunderbolts to make them all look like some kind of dark, muddy mumblecore Carl Theodore Dreyer film, you know, the sub-Michael Gaydos thing that anyone does when the subject at hand is "grit" and "grimace".

Also, what's the source for that whole McDuffie interview? I'd kind of like to read the whole thing.

I want someone to put JLA #30 in a time capsule. 100 years from now, when people wonder why comics died as an art form, some enterprising historian will have Exhibit A on display in the Smithsonian, next to a mummified Alex Ross.

And if you want the context of McDuffie's quote, it was on this messageboard, about halfway down:


Garth Ennis and I play this game. A new issue of Crossed comes out and I see if I can make it through the whole issue. #2 was bad enough that I actually skipped #3. I tried #4 and got like three pages in, or however long it took to see a dude getting hit in the face with a severed horse's penis, before I tapped out.

You win, Garth.

Don't ever change Tucker. Ok, maybe do a little less blow and tequila right before reviewing Marvel comics. Or more. One of those...

I love the Conner Hawke masturbator guy! He's hilarious and a breath of honest fresh air in the comic book community.

Thanks for reviewing the Commissioner Gordon thing. I laughed a little hysterically at the store when I saw that they actually made a comic book for people who are fascinated by the Comish.

How the fuck could you leave out the best part of Commissioner Gordon? For the love of God, they actually reused a pun from Batman & Robin.

"Everybody! FIRE!"

"No! ICE!"

I was actually going to follow the links and see what the deal was with the Connor Hawke masturbation thing.

And then I said...wait! I don't care!

It was kind of liberating, really....

I didn't want any cold related mentions to overshadow Abhay's Suicide Squad reference. Looks like I missed out on the other big spousal abuse scandal in JLA as well. We'll just chalk the whole weak up to cheap firewater and teastained jockey shorts.

No Secret Warriors?

It is a special book that comes along rarely.

"It is a special book that comes along rarely."

I'm so glad somebody else noticed how ass-awful that sentence was.

"Andy Diggle will end up taking over the Daredevil series in a few months..."


I mean, no offense to Diggle but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Well, since you went ahead and announced it without my permission...


I'm going to have to look at Thunderbolts now, just to see if the art matches up to Tucker's crazy description. It'll be hard to actually get past the covers though; that artwork is some of the ugliest I've ever seen on a comic book, the least inviting imagery I can remember.

Oh man, the takedown on Flash: Rebirth next week is going to be EPIC.

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