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I wonder if rich people would taste better than those of us who are not quite poor. I bet they'd taste like a nice Kobe beef-steak. Succulent and fatty and tender...

If you read Israeli news sites, you would know that the prisoner talks fell apart over a soldier to be named later clause that Israel was insisting on. The proposed deal was:

450 Palestinian prisoners
Alex Rodriguez
6 waiver moves
Israel's waiver position (2 out of 14)


Gilad Shalit
Manny Ramirez
Gaza's waiver position (13 out of 14)
One abducted soldier to be named later

I don't know why they insisted on tying the prisoner negotiations to trades in our fantasy baseball league, but as league commissioner, I say anything for peace. Also, don't the Palestinians know that ARod is out for 6 more weeks? And that he is into Kabbalah?

Ahmadinejad is perceived in Iran almost exactly the same way Bush was in the US. The parallels are uncanny, as is the fact they're inevitably overlooked.

Both are loathed by the metropolitan city dwellers who think he's a buffoon and adored by the more conservative hicks who live in the more backwater parts of the country. The latter group make up the majority of the voters, thus proving democracy, (which Iran does have, more or less, despite what you may have heard) isn't always the cure-all solution it's sometimes made out to be.
They also both have retarded looking grins which bring to mind Alfred E Neumann. Frankly it's a shame they didn't try to get on better as I think they would've quickly recognised they were kindred spirits.

Whoa, what's with those Game of Life tits? Freaky.

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