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Are there many roller derby tell alls? Is that a genre? Sounds like something I'd be into.

Mostly self-published, you have to know someone in the biz. I'll send you my contact, but you have to meet him at 4am in Queens. It's a hand-to-mouth operation.

Your "long-held theory that unattractive people are of inherently lesser financial value than those who are at least cute, if not semen-curdling hot" is something that I have heard in the past, either in a social psych class or from my mother (who thinks that I am beautiful). Other things that I learned from social psych (or potentially from my mother):

1) Taller people are more successful than shorter people (on average)
2) Babies respond more positively to attractive people (so if a baby cries when you do your "oogie-boogie" routine, it is not because it is not charming, but more likely because you are not very good looking).

I would like to dedicate that last bracketed thought to the Factual Opinion, who inspired it 5-8 paragraphs up this page.

Economist Versus Idiot is best in life.

You review comics, but you don't understand the appeal of Barbie? Did your sister collect and never let you play with them or something?

Why's the focus on Fred Goodwin a dangerous distraction? Read this link by Mark Evanier... He's talking about AIG but the principle's exactly the same.


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