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I've always felt bad for anticon. They're all extremely nice guys - or at least were in the late 90's - but their music has always been so, so bad. The only one with the talent to match his ambitions was Sean, and he went on to do his own thing in Atmosphere. The rest of anticon always struck me as a bunch of guys who badly wanted to be avant garde and change music, but didn't have the musical skill or the desire to work hard at crafting those skills.

What are the music of Anticon?

There's some fucking awesome music been put out by Anticon, alongside some self-indulgent pap. I love all of WHY's records, the first Themselves album (when they were just Them) and Sole's 'Bottle of Humans'- a landmark in angry ginger rap. The first 4 Cloudead EP's will always occupy a special part of my heart.
Trouble is they got all caught up (mostly through their own hyperbole) in a tedious art hip-hop/real hip-hop debate, which tends to sully most people's view of the. Point is, they're all died in the wool hip-hop fans, who tried to do something with the form that suited their own personas. The mistake they made was in assuming that hip hop needed saving.
new mixrape is pretty boss - heavy digital beats by Jel and some fiercely on-point rapping from all involved.

Holy shit, I did not mean to call it a mixrape.

It kind of sucks that Anticon's best moment was when rapper Sole dissed El-P, which prompted El to drop Linda Tripp.

Which features Sole apologizing as part of the track. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJrQwvEVtMw

Nice one!

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