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Is this the end of the Bad Girls season? Because I've only seen two episodes and I want to catch up.

Other than that - are any of you guys watching East Bound and Down? Series finale is next week, and it will most likely involve Craig Robinson trying to get his eye put back into his skull.

One more episode of Bad Girls next week. Looks terrible--if the best thing they can show in the previews is another yelling match, that means there wasn't a fist fight.

I'm not watching East Bound, although I've meant too.

It sounds like you've nailed what makes Bad Girls so compelling, at least for someone like me who has never watched the show. All climax, all the time. It's gotta get exhausting though, from what it sounds like. Wow, there is some fucked up stuff on TV.

I'll have to get Eastbound & Down when it hits DVD; it sounds great. That Danny McBride guy kind of came from nowhere (2008 was his year, between Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express), and he's hilarious.

Oh, and what about Battlestar? Is Nina saving a big post for the finale tonight or something?

Have you noticed that 24 is slowly going through the cast of Robocop & killing them off: Peter Weller, Clarence Boddicker, & Jack's bro Emil.

I am genuinely surprised that Ronny Cox, Miguel Ferrer, & Ray Wise haven't appeared yet as CTU Directors, shady businessmen, or sweaty chiefs of staff.

I think Peter Weller didn't actually die on that submarine--he's still here, and he's helping Jack along. Never forget: this man has had a heart condition since season 2, made worse by his horrible drug addiction in season 3. Something kept him alive during those years of torture, and I think it was Sgt. Motherfucking Murphy.

You may be right. He went underground, had plastic surgery, & the next time we him he will be played by Robert John Burke.

oh, and I just remembered that Ray Wise played Logan's scheming VP, so there is still potential for him to die!

Yeah, I couldn't remember if Ray Wise had done his time on 24 or not, but you're right. I'm not going to be fully satisfied until an entire season revolves around jack/murphy taking on Tom Noonan, all juiced up on NUKE.

Noonan, oh god, NOONAN.

that is perfect.

Matt and Tucker - dude East Bound & Down is maybe the most brutal comedy America has ever let loose. It's the real American office, only where British jerks are kind of loud and smarmy and never listen - American jerks do coke and steroids, curse at kids, start fires, throw whores off of jetskis, leech off their families, fuck other people's wives, and blind people with baseballs. It's pure misanthropy. And fucking awesome.

Matthew J. Brady, how can you be critical of such well timed (contrived?) lines like, "I was blind but now I can see." That one's a classic!

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