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I bet that helicopter is going to drop it's WMD load right on Port Authority Carl's house right as he pulls into the driveway, gassing his pregnant wife, Gift of the Magi style.

Binge drinking monkey's with limo's is a show that I would watch.

Matthew - don't you think it's kind of screwed up that Whedon is asking people to wait until the sixth episode? I wouldn't buy a comic because Joe Casey said it all jumped into crazy in the sixth issue.

Tucker - You've got to do the reunion show, man. Anything for one more Bad Girls Club piece, man. Just one more hit.

Yeah, that's probably true, but TV is free, you know? And while it was an all right episode, the world-changing amazingness of it kind of got blown out of proportion (especially by me, since I kept harping on it). It seems more like a "please keep watching this so Fox doesn't cancel us, at least not yet". If ratings slump (and maybe they already have; I really have no idea), somebody will probably start going on about how episode 15 is the one to wait for.

That BSG finale was like the Unabomber Manifesto meets The Left Behind series.

I find the whole Dollhouse wait-for-six thing to be even more odd after having read your thing on it. Was it supposed to be special just because Patton was on it?

Am I the biggest douche alive in thinking that we are way to pretentious? I will be the first to burn down reality TV,because I believe it to be the seedy underbelly of the human condition, but scripted network TV in which we praise one show and castrate another because we dislike the premise, is puerile and childish. I don't know any of the other critics, but Tucker, what is the yard stick by which you are judging these shows? Has TFO sunk to shock jockery for the sake of garnering readers, or have you lack the ability to willingly suspend your sense of disbelief?

Now that is hilarious.

Goal with the television columns is same as all the rest of them. Make Nina laugh, her pussy gets wet, try and make a baby.

I think the specialness came from Helo coming face to face with Echo, and the conspiracies around him deepening, or something. But obviously, since I find his plot to be one of the dumber elements of the show, it wasn't exactly mind-blowing. I shouldn't have believed the hype. Not that I did anyway (or did I?).

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