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I would actually be more likely to recite the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, but that's still a good story. Also, I want one of those stamps; it would go right on my daughter's forehead.

The Celebrity Apprentice actually does seem pretty entertaining; maybe I'll have to watch it when I'm drunk sometime. I do have some innate distaste for Tom Green though. Not because of his annoyingness, but because people used to say I looked like him all the time, mostly because I'm tall and thin, have the same color hair, and similar facial hair. It's thankfully stopped, for the most part, but at the height of his fame, I would get it all the damn time. Of course, now I do all my socializing online, and people think I'm the Newsarama guy. I can't win.

Oh, and when it comes to Battlestar Galactica, I feel like I'm the only one who is watching and enjoying it. The episodes all seem really good when I see them, but then I'll read reviews online and wonder if people were watching the same show. But then I realize that their complaints are generally quite valid, so I guess I'm letting my fannishness win out or something. Maybe I do have something in common with those who keep reading Justice League or something even though it's terrible now after all.

The look on Jack's face when Bill played the hero was like the fat bridesmaid who didn't catch the bouquet.

It's always going to be somebody else, Jack. Do you think he sits in his apartment, oiling his gun and crying into an empty pint of Haagen Daz?

CTU Directors get the worst retirement gifts. Three more were the first director in Season 1, before George Mason, Tony's wife Michelle, and the Hobbit guy from The Goonies.

That leaves one woman from Season 4 (Bill's wife, maybe) & Tony, who I bet will be gone by the end of this season.

I'm kind of angry I watched Castle and the guy who played Espera on Generation Kill never sneered at Nathan Fillion and told him about how the white man rules the world, or mentioned how fucked up it is that he's got the dumb cop role after playing one of the best characters ever on television.

The lady from season 4's kid died in the basement, so i kind of figure that's all she gets. That guy who caught it in season 1 before Mason is in some play right now on Broadway--his face is plastered all over my subway station.

And I don't count the Hobbit. he died like a bitch.

I think I'm going to stop reading my issues of the Econ and just read your recaps again. I give up. Plus, after 4 paycuts at work, I need to stop enjoying my time at home and start doing some contract work.

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