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Your positive reviews make me want to buy comics. Tucker's negative reviews make me want to order comics, read them in the store, then tell the shop owner that, "Sorry, but I'm gonna have to pass on this pile here. Y'know, the recession and all."

Regarding the private investigator thing: Matt slept with Dakota North a few issues ago, while his wife Milla was in a mental asylum and he wasn't allowed to see her often. And Lady Bullseye, posing as Matt's in-laws' lawyer, got photos. She was trying to recruit Daredevil to be leader of The Hand (a Japanese ninja group), so bringing Milla out of the picture was her way of "removing distractions". She's quite messed up, like everyone in Daredevil's world.

I love the way that description barely makes any sense, because that's true about most any serialized soap-opera-ish series. Just try explaining plot points from something like Battlestar Galactica to somebody, and you sound like a crazy person. Go nerds!

Long story short: Ed Brubaker makes believers out the best and lays the weak to rest.

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