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I just traded a bunch of comics for the hardcover of the first series, and I have to agree, this is a really good book. Even my kid likes it, and he only likes Captain Underpants.

Yeah, Nina already heard me say it too, but this comic took me by surprise. The owl sequence is really impressive cartooning. Anybody know if the rest is like this?

I read the first one and I think it's sort of overrated.

It's like...you could just as easily read "Redwall" and get pretty much the exact same thing for a lot less money, minus all the pretty pictures.

Not saying it's not good, basically saying it's just a graphic adaptation of "Redwall".

Oh, man, I love Mouse Guard. The artwork rocks, and it's full of cool action, with little badass mice fighting things like snakes, crabs, and bats. I really dig it. I need to read this issue; it's probably waiting for me at the comic shop.

The first trade is every bit as good! Mouse Guard is all sorts of awesome! I can see the Redwall comparison, but the art in Mouse Guard is just all sorts of crazy awesome, and it's the art that sets it apart.

Mice Templar from Image is also good, but it may be a guilty pleasure. The art certainly isn't as just out and out pretty as Mouse Guard.

Both the current Winter: 1152 series and the previous Fall: 1152 series would probably rank in my personal Top 20 Best Books list if I did one...

I reviewed the trade of the first series [url=http://lurkerwithout.livejournal.com/tag/mouse+guard]here[/url]

Ok, that code doesn't work.


Oh shit, the crabs! I forgot about them, somehow...that's when my brain just flipped, and said "yes" to the whole thing.

Must go out and get some...

Archaia's a weird outfit: all the books are just slightly "I've seen this before, only a bit better", but then damn if you don't get thoroughly addicted to them. I do believe it's the art.

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