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I've heard the argument that Patrick Gleason's art is hard to follow more than once and I just don't get it. It always flows perfectly fine to me.

GLC is one of my favorite superhero comics at the moment because it has moments where the characters act like people every now and again, which is a big change from most superhero comics, which DON'T have moments like that.

Also, technically THAT ISSUE isn't a prelude to anything, the STORY ARC is a prelude to this bigass thing called the Blackest Night that's happening this summer. It is kind of a confusing header, now that you mention it.

How can there be any boning when they rip out tongues & put eyes where mouths should be?

Unless they are going to use those rings to create, I don't know, some sort of Flesh Lantern?

I guess it says something about my expectations regarding Green Lantern comics in this day and age that when you said "boning sequence", I immediately assumed you meant someone having their skeleton ripped out.

I think this is Green Lantern Corps, not Green Lantern, fwiw.

That was me. Fixed!


This is a fleshlantern:

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