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When Van Sciver breaks the panels up like that, it also makes it very inconvenient to read on a computer screen. My monitor isn't big enough!

Great review of Flash: Rebirth.

More people should use prostitution analogies when describing DC Comics.

But that's his DAD's bomber jacket that made him look like a fucking tool! Looking like a tool is a Jordan family tradition, Tucker, who the fuck are you to judge that?

I would totally approve of that dipshit jacket if, everytime Hal Jordan walked up to people, he went "Sorry about the jacket. It belonged to my dad."

Just lean over and put your head in the lap of the Silver Age, Tucker. Let Hal put his bomber jacket over your head while you're down there.

You'll feel better. Trust me.

Why all this talk about art and story? Where is the talk about one dollar price hikes?

That dollar could have gone to buy the winning scratch ticket that would fund a pediatric clinic to treat cancer, AIDS, or teach them not to talk in movie theaters.

Are you talking about the "price hike" on Flash: Rebirth? The one that fits in with the extra eight pages of story? That "price hike"?


I would buy the hell out of a book that was nothing but Man-Bat working to become a rap star. I mean unless the writing or art totally sucked...

Uh, Hal Jordan *is* a fucking tool. That jacket is totally fitting.

The beauty of Flash: Rebirth is that it actually made me miss all those Barry Allen stories of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. And that hasn't happened to me in 23 years. $3.99 for that kind of longing? (And to boot I got a nice bag and board to protect it, and a 15% discount on the book.) SOLD!

Does anyone else not know whether Geoff Johns... like, the Green Lantern stuff - it seems awesomely retarded, but you maybe can't tell if that's knowingly so, or wrily so? And then this. I don't know if it makes a difference, really.

Hal Jordan isn't a character, he is "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions distilled into CMYK. A stupid jacket that makes him look like a tool is totally appropriate.

were you aware that Marvel DID publish Remo Williams comics in the 90's? They published something like 8 issues of a B&W magazine and at least four issues of a color mini-series. There was a TPB as well, that I think was colored versions of the B&W books. IIRC, there was even some Ditko art in a few of the books. They were well done. I think Will Murray wrote at least some of the B&W stories.

and then of course there was the Jim Mullaney written Iron Fist mini which was a Destroyer story starring Danny Rand.

Finally, something to look for in back issue bins besides Brendan Mccarthy and that damn elementals sex special. Thanks Jim.

Remo fights ninjas in one of them. Man does Chun hate ninjas...

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