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Hey, this one looks pretty good too; maybe I'll try to read it whenever DDP gets around to reprinting it. That's some nice-looking art; the coloring fits much better when it's part of the process, rather than slapped on top of something a couple decades old.

Also, you may be worried about sounding too smart, but I had to look up "zona pellucida". Reproductive biology apparently isn't my strong suit.

As much as I liked what I read of the DC/Humanoids presentation of Technopriests (and am looking forward to more from DDP), it's a little frightening that the whole thing goes on for *eight* volumes!

There appears to have been a complete French-language edition earlier this year weighing in at 400 pages: http://www.amazon.ca/dp/2911501063/

I have only read the first few issues of that - and since Janjetov himself told me that the WHOLE creative team thought the series went off the rails on the second half, I'm not too motivated to get the rest.

So don't expect everything to fit together on the unpublished volumes. There is the distinct possibility it won't.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Hmm, I think Pedro or Jog might help out here Brian--I think the only thing left from Technopriests is going to be the last two albums? Don't these volumes contain three?

I took French Theater guys, that means I can talk about scat plays and Ionesco, not the freaking language.

Don't look at me, I've been reading those things on the Original French since before the DC deal. The last english-language editions I bought were from pre-DC Humanoids...

That Amazon link is actually a box with all the eight albums in the series.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

The DC/Humanoids volumes contain three French albums each, so the two that got released took care of vols. 1-6 of the French edition, leaving two to go (or 2/3 of a DC/Humanoids book). I think the French vol. 7 was just newly released when the DC deal fell through, so what came out was basically all that was done at that point...

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