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I read both "the Hunting party" and "the Black order brigade" in black and white as they were originally printed in Serbia. Bilal has exhibited a lot here in the post-war years, and his work is very welcome.

Reading your review, I'm struck by how little I remember of the plot, but Bilal's unforgettable haunting images still drive the underlying ideas when I think about it.

All of the "Beast trilogy" was translated in my language and published as expansive hardcovers in Bosnia, under international sponsorship. I actually prefer it to "Nicopol trilogy", especially the first two parts of the newer work, but by the end it got about as incoherent and byzantine as Bilal's most famous saga.

Oh, my God... What happened to the colors?!?

My editions (I have both in portuguese and french) have much better coloring.

Those are probably the finest comics by the Christin/Bilal duo, with Hunting Party being a bonafide masterpiece. It's one of my favorite comics since I've first read it over 15 years ago (yup, I'm old!). Never read the famous epilogue, though.

In french, the compilation of both works is caled "Fins de Siècle" ("Ends of Century"), a MUCH more appropriate name, since both works are late 20th century closure points for events started in the earlier part of the 20th century. "Chaos Effect" sounds more like a Druillet story...

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

You know, I'd love to see both of these in black & white, I could see that being pretty intense. Thanks for reading Vanja!

Pedro--I didn't realize the colors were going to be a sticking point on this one, and I'm not sure who made the changes, although it does certainly appear that Bilal and Christin have both gotten re-involved with these comics at multiple points over the years since the initial publication, tweaking and jacking--although I didn't find out why in the time before putting this up, but I'm definitely interested in seeing what the originals might look like. Having no other frame of reference, I have to say that I still really love Hunting Party, regardless of whatever is different about it. Such a phenomenal piece of work.

As far as I know, the only significant change those works had since first album publication was the addition of the Hunting Party epilogue after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The thing about the colors is that both my 80s portuguese version and my shining new Casterman edition have pretty much the same colors - and they are WAY better than those!

Look at this page from Casterman's website:

The examples you gave us have a much less sobtle coloring! Would that have been a printing issue?

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

Change or printing error, the Casterman is quite different, i'd agree that it's nicer too. (Although I do like the rusty, angry blood colors in the DC version.)

I'll have to check through my bookmarks to see where it was mentioned that they changed this stuff up over the years--I know it didn't specify what, but it plainly mentioned changes beyond the epilogue addition.

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