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I think I have Olav's email address if you need it. We could pull him right into this madness, which he might have read in its original language. You never know...

Wait, does tentacle-hair-kid also have a Monopoly-like guy on the back of his chair?

Yeah, that computer-takes-over-the-world plot sounds pretty standard, if also convoluted. Doesn't the Terminator franchise do something similar? The perfect resolution would be for him (it?) to announce his evil plans while not realizing that the good guys have tricked him by broadcasting his speech to TVs all over the world. That's a classic.

I haven't read the follow-up volume, but I'd imagine it's one of those things where all the who-is-God information causes a shut down in the computer's brain. "What is can...be...can-not-compute" type of stuff.

And the thing on the back of the chair is one of the thousand-and-one toy/statue type things that are all over the comic. You see how the computer monitor is held up by some kind of creature statue? There's shit like that everywhere in the comic. I guess it's a shortcut to "future". It's more pinocchio than Monopoly though.

And Augie, I prefer my Olav Beemer conversations one-way: he tells ME what to think, not a give and take. But thanks for the offer. I'll just have to rely on old letter columns.

What's all that pulling I feel?

Mighty odd! :o)

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