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Yay! Once again, at zero effort to me, I am slightly more educated than the schmo on the street...

Hey, the guy who played Sobotka had at least one non-molester role, as a porn publisher in The Notorious Bettie Page. Hmm, that's still kinda sleazy though.

And my wife occasionally watches commercials taped, until I remind her that she can fast-forward, and she says "Oh yeah, I forgot!" It's adorable.

"Mr. Correa appears to be uncorrupt"

Is this sarcasm? In the article itself they point out one very corrupt practice he just committed in plain view.

Lurker: good looking out.

Brady: Enjoy it. Nina used to do that, but now she snaps at me: "Why aren't you fast-forwarding? Fast-forward. Hurry up."

Juan: Yeah, that joke probably only makes sense to me. As far as I can remember, all Correa articles from the Economist always include some kind of "appears to be uncorrupt" line alongside him doing something nefarious. This was just the first time I saw them use the actual phrase in conjunction with some evil deeds.

Oh yeah, she does that to me whenever I'm in control of the remote. I can't win.

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