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Jesus Martin, I just finished your year end music pieces a month ago.

You are a beast.

Charles Hamilton is STILL pushing the Rihanna thing? Give it up, kid.

Quiet Dog is in a special lane of rap that I love-- where there's this clear black church influence on the sound. Dilla used to use hand claps like that, and 9th Wonder dabbles in it sometimes.

I remember a quote from years ago on the Okayplayer boards, 2000/2001-times, which was basically "God invented hands so that J Dilla could use them in music." It's true.

That Big Boi album is going be like fucking Loveless, won't it? Or Enter the Wu Tang. Something that you have to listen to the whole album at once.

I'm very glad to see Charles Hamilton getting some love! Yes, he's one of the most manufactured rappers ever - which is saying a lot - but 12 mixtapes in and I'm still loving all the Sonic love. Although, it does make me long for the days when rappers used to write their own lyrics....

The rest of the list - I have no idea when or if I'll ever get to it. I hope I will, though!

"Although, it does make me long for the days when rappers used to write their own lyrics...."


Yes, really. I miss rappers writing their own lyrics. I'm tired of the lyrics-by-committee approach that leads to every backpacker sounding like Lupe Fiasco. Hell, Lupe probably doesn't write his own stuff, either. It all sounds so generic anymore....

I wish Hamilton had something unique to say because I'm loving the idea of using Sonic as a metaphor.

How do you feel about Charles stealing beats and manufacturing beef with Soulja Boy to create sales?

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