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Sweet, a song for me! Awesome.

Beyond that, the Siik remix is way too good. I always kinda liked that song and now it's okay.

J. Period Featuring De La Soul - I haven't heard that yet, but I'm curious. I really enjoyed the Q-Tip mixtape J. Period put out this year, so I think a De La Soul one sounds all kinds of fun.

The Raekwon Staten Island song is all kinds of fun, too. I sent that to my fiance, who grew up on Staten, and she had fun listening to it, too.

Judging from the rest of this list, I have an awful lot to catch up on! Thank God you're here to separate the wheat from the chaff!

I love these.

me too.

Phillip, Zebtron, I don't want to speak too out of turn, but Marty is leaving you hanging due to professional obligations, so here's a bone:

after Humanoids?

Music goes crazy.

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