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Man, that comic book got TOLD.

How did it wind up in the Humanoids line if it's not French, anyway?

Well, I remember hearing about "Olympus" in an interview from a few years back, then I tracked it down a year ago, and it was very shallow. The Greek mythology is so rich, and one of the founding stones of European culture, that it's a shame to see it represented in such a gung ho way. Forgettable, really.

Kind of hard to believe the guy who's most memorable scene is a kitten puking blood did a hack job on this...no, wait, it's completely believable.

Chris, the book was comissioned by Humanoids to be published in Europe. Other US creators worked (some still do) in similar projects.

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

No post on Metabarons?

Not from me, Jog took care of that one. It's at http://joglikescomics.blogspot.com/2009/04/desastre-hurlant-t10-psychomagic.html

I'll be updating the index at the bottom of the page tonight, apologies for not doing it sooner. Trust me, Jog has you covered on the Metabarons--it's excellent writing, unsurprisingly.

Chris, get ready: if Devil's Due has their way, there's going to be at least five more American creator-based Humanoids projects. We'll see.

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