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Tony's flip flops are approaching Sloane-on-Alias levels of absurdity, but welcome with Jack sitting (siezuring?) out the last few.

god help me, but I read that 17 years have passed since season one, making Kim the same age this year as Jack was in the first.

I was really hoping that Kim would just walk into a cougar trap in the hallway, and everybody would start saying "why the hell is a cougar trap inside the FBI building?"

It's how they get stem cells!

Should we be worrying about the statement that Jack was going to experience "hallucinations"? It's been a wonderfully long time since I've seen whiny ass Teri Bauer, and I'm not looking forward to some tableau of dead family members. (Although I wouldn't mind a Verizon network style shoot of all of Jack's kills.)

One cougar attack in 7 seasons and that's all people still talk about. btw, i'm guessing that's something the writers came up with, not elisha cuthbert herself.

I've got like 3 issues of Maxim where she is posing with cougar traps. I'm pretty sure it's a thing she has written into her contracts, yes?

There are cougar trap easter eggs all over Old School and The Girl Next Door.

Cougar trap in her twelve seconds on Tim and Eric too. And that Weezer video. Girl loves the cougar traps.

This summer, from the producers of "The Bad Girls Club", comes "Cougar Traps".

You will gnaw off your own arm to get TO them!

Correct me if I'm wrong, even though I'm fervently sure that I'm not, but has Kim Bauer done anything interesting in 7 seasons except for the cougar trap? That tight girl scout t-shirt was a long time ago.

I am infatuated with the idea that she wrote the scene herself. That would be incredible.

The Flying Conchords done by giddy drug addicts sold me on a TV show last week, and goddamnit if Bob Fossil killing hookers and traveling through time isn't going to sell me on a TV show this week. Mr. Witzke, America is in your debt.


There are apparently no missing eps of Dollhouse, just the unaired original pilot. The order was for 13 eps, and the original pilot counted, so there are only 12 eps in the "real" season. The original pilot's what you'll have to but the DVD for.

That's not what the news stories have been saying. Apparently it's a sort of flash-forward, post-apocalypse episode starring Felicia Day. Here's a news story, with links to commentary from producers and such: http://io9.com/5205648/you-wont-get-your-alan-tudykfelicia-day-fix-on-dollhouse

Whoops... I mis-assimilated the facts. You are correct. So, this all has to do with the fact that the first pilot counted for the TV deal, but is no good for the already penned DVD deal, so they needed one more for the DVD, but this was outside of the TV deal, and the show's not putting up good numbers, so the network doesn't want to pay more to air one more episode. At least it seems like the ep aired will be a proper season ender, and the extra ep will be an epilogue (calling it epitaph is kind of pessimistic, though).

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