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Bob Fossil! Bob Fossil! Bob Fo -

"Note To Self....I Hate Whites"

Oh thank Christ, I thought I was in the only viewing household going "COME ON, MEAT LOAF! YOU'D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE, AND YOU *WILL* DO THAT!" the entire episode.

And as much as I enjoy Lost, Kate has really flown completely off the map of conceivable character motivations. Why the Hell did she ask Jack not to ask her about Aaron ever again when she showed up at his house a few episodes ago to fuck his brains out out of nowhere? It's not like the kid was captured, she just *did the right thing* for once.

You know that line in As Good As It Gets where Jack Nicholson's character is asked how he writes women, and he says he takes a man and then takes away reason and accountability? I think that's pretty much how they're writing Kate at this point.

I turned to Nina during that scene to quote the 'Loaf and immediately felt so goddamn ashamed. I was so ashamed that i almost left her hanging until I looked over and she had her hand up. That's right. I got an old school, just like a 4th grade fool, "High Five" for that joke, and Marty was nice enough to let me include it in his write-up.

"Although Aaron is consistently adorable"

What? That kid's the creepiest little thing on two legs, man. He's The Omen 2009.


I can't believe it's taken you this long to be irritated by Jack. He's consistently a pain in the ass. Nothing has changed except that he's being more passive about it. Any character development that keeps him backgrounded is a plus for me.

At this point, Sharif, I wouldn't mind too much if Jack's character developed into a corpse.

I enjoyed Tony bringing the Snuka once again to more Starkwood cannon fodder & that he took the time for a Commando-style "armor up" montage.

I hope Jack can eat a big bowl of stem cells & get better in the next 7 hours so he can throw Voight into the volcano that is at the heart of his subterranean liar.

@Sharif @David - In the first Season audio commentary, they talked about how their plan was to kill him off in the pilot! (Maybe they regret it now that he has become a whiny and useless little beta male)

@James - The picture of him on Lostpedia is particularly disturbing: http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Aaron But c'mon, he's just such a hurf durf little towhead- how can you not love him? I think it's only his resemblance to Hailey Joel Osment that makes him creepy... with his dead dead eyes...

Sean, unless you know something I don't, pretty sure that The Mighty Boosh has never been considered family viewing in the UK.

The first time I ever purposefully sat down to watch the show I was struck by a powerful wave of deja vu, the second time I sat down to watch it I was certain that I'd seen it before but weirdly I couldn't remember anything about the plot.

Turns out that I had sat in the presence of (not watched) quite a few episodes of the first two seasons when they initially aired (late on Friday nights) but was so pissed every single time that my booze addled brain hadn't absorbed a fucking thing.

It is for reasons not unlike this that I have recently given up drinking.

I love Lost too, Dave. That said, Pin over on Barbelith recently described it as a machine designed with the sole purpose of making Jack cry - can't fault his thinking there.


Man, I really need to watch Damages sometime. It sounds pretty nuts. I don't know about Timothy Olyphant though; the only things I can recall seeing him in are The Girl Next Door and Die Hard 4, neither of which were very good. Maybe I'll come around on him when I get around to watching Deadwood.

Also, Celeb Apprentice seems pretty demented, but I doubt I would be able to actually watch it. Or maybe I would, I dunno. But that second picture up there looks kind of like a scene from the video for the Beastie Boys' Intergalactic.

You know Matthew, I was absolutely certain I'd never get through an episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Much like I was sure I'd hate From G's to Gents. I was wrong. I love both shows, and I'm not ashamed. There must be so many things I just don't know about myself. And isn't that exciting? (Now I stare out the window at this snowy/sunny day and contemplate my life.)

On the flipside, I tried to watch Celebrity Apprentice--man, that shit is 2 hours long! You gotta be kidding, ain't no way in hell I'm watching no 2 hour long reality show with Clint Black. On a Church Sunday, no less!

And yes, the Olyphant has about the worst nose for script-picking when it comes to flicks--Scream 2, Go, Girl Next Door, Hitman, Die Hard 4.0--god, he does some crap. But Deadwood is the shit, and he's a force out of heavy metal hell in Damages.

But really, it all comes down to this: the dude is seriously incredible to look at. He is a very sexy man.

Zom - in the A Journey Through Time And Space doc I saw they made it seem like it wasn't intended as such, but a lot of families were watching it, and they showed hundreds of kids lined up for signings at a record store. That might be me misinterpreting something. My screw up.

And Timothy Olyphant is a sex go, let's be open about it. I haven't seen Damages yet, but after watching the Glen Close season of the Shield I've completely turned around on her, and it does sound pretty badass.

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