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Matthew - I actually watched that episode of Fringe and thought "wow this is ridiculously trashy, this might be worth writing about" until the last ten minutes turned into the same damn "she's a psychic" crap you'd expect from this show. Glad you tackled it.

Marty - Leland Orser? I love that guy!

Oh shit that was Tucker, oh shit I think I just lost a job.

whatever is in that super soldier serum Hot Doc keeps giving Jack, it's working.

if it was any other character, they would be walking around with a chalkboard around their neck yelling M-m-m-m-Malcolm from the first sniff.

and I really wish they kept Tony's inside man around for a while, he always looked like he was enjoying the mayhem he was a part of.

Oh shit, I didn't miss an episode of Dollhouse like I thought I did.

Damn. I think I've gone right off it now, actually.

I was enjoying that guy as well, but I liked watching Tony kill him and then hook up with that girl 10 yards from the body. Because I'm gross.

Man, that Celeb Apprentice description always cracks me up. Joan Rivers is hilarious, in that she barely has any concept of reality. "Your people" don't have last names? What does that mean? And poker players are beyond white trash? That doesn't make any sense, but it's pretty funny.

I tried watching The Mighty Boosh this week, but man, I totally didn't get it. Maybe I was tired; I think I fell asleep halfway through.

I thought about writing something up for P&R, but you've done a better job than I could. My wife and I have been watching, and while there's been some funny stuff, it's nowhere near as good as The Office (either version), and probably for the reason that you mentioned, that the central character isn't as interesting as Michael Scott. It's enjoyable enough though, and like you mentioned, the supporting cast is really what makes it. I loved that bit where Paul Schneider was trying to get the reporter to not use his quote, but immediately got on her bad side when he disputed the fact that they were in a romantic relationship. That was the stuff of good, awkward comedy. Eh, I'm sure I'll keep watching until it turns really bad, which hopefully won't happen.

Ah, I was hoping for a Celebrity Apprentice write-up and I got one! I missed this episode because the WWE had a pay-pre-view on Sunday night and... well, that's more important (to me, at least). Kind of annoyed that I missed Melissa getting fired. I've been waiting for that moment for many weeks--mostly to see what Joan will do. Thankfully, the show runs very detailed recaps before episodes, so I'll get to see stuff.

If they didn't, though, your recap/write-up is fantastic as always.

Tangential to the Mighty Boosh but on the subject of Snuff Box broached whenever it was broached: Matt Berry is cool because he and I have the same taste in ties. (Literally I own the tie his character always wears. It's a Jerry Garcia.)

Just as an FYI, all the things you mentioned that weren't in that episode of The Mighty Boosh were in it on Adult Swim's website.

Check it:


Oh cool, thanks. It is uncut just w/ bleeps. Yeah, none of this stuff was up when I was writing this on monday, I think they have to wait a few days before posting it.

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