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I don't watch survivor, so I know nothing about this Coach fellow, but his story sounds pretty unbelievable. Is there a chance that it's true, or is he a bullshit artist like it seems? Because it sounds totally made up, at least from reading the transcript. Eh, screw it; I'll just keep an image in my head of an annoying guy spouting ridiculous stories about idiotic adventures.

Hey Matthew, was Dollhouse canceled this week? Or is fox just moving it around now that they know it's not coming back?

Not only did the producers and everyone that was there know he was full of shit, but they just let him go, and aired it practically uncut. Coach is totally an annoying guy, but he's easily the best thing this season has going for it.

I hope Voight pulls through, only so he can purse those wet, wet, Midnight Cowboy lips together when Jack's dad shows up as the Master-mastermind.

You know he will, now that there is another Bauer grandchild in the mix. Kim named the kid Teri? In honor of her mom that was pregnant when she was killed by her father's traitor mistress, spending the last 12 hours of her life suffering amnesia while looking for her spoiled runaway daughter?

those will be some awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

Hey Sean, they just didn't show new Dollhouse this week, that's all.

Oh god, I don't think I could handle more James Cromwell. I wish they'd recast Jack's dad to be James Garner. That would be fun.

Maybe Hurley has the order wrong because that was the version he saw and the ending we know is the one in the journal he is writing. This would be an awesome idea if they didn't already state that the past cannot be changed. Maybe he gets Desmond, who is immune to the plot-rule, to do it.

What Tucker said. I thought about writing about Fringe, but that show isn't inspiring much from me lately beyond barely being able to stay awake.

@Mr. Rendon - That's an incredibly clever counter-theory and if you hadn't poked a hole in it yourself, I probably could have been convinced! :)

And if Faraday's new attitude is any indication, even that rule might be reversed!

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