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You're 100% right about the art on Ignition City. I was very psyched to read that book - it was sold as 40s science fiction meets Deadwood - and the art is so bad that it took me two times to get through the damn thing.

Ignition City's boob and butt shots jumped out at me too, posed & straining like a romance novel cover. The artist's work on the last Ellis book, Athertic Mechanics, was much stronger.

I don't know why I keep buying these first issues, trying to break up the trade parade on the nightstand I guess.

Ellis has fallen into Madlibs territory for me, high concept with character blanks to be filled in by "smoking, bastard, trenchcoats, arse, shite, etc."

Deadwood? Seriously? Whoever came up with that comparison needs to slow down on the drinking.

The Madlibs thing is pretty apt--I don't believe Nina has read any Ellis before, and I was curious if what I read as 'repetitive Ellis sameness' would come across to her, not having the background. I was pleasantly surprised that she disliked it on a much deeper level.

Ellis has been posting chunks of script for like 2 years. Yeah, it was 3 years ago where he mentioned that he wrote it coming off of an episode of Deadwood - http://www.warrenellis.com/?p=2797

The research stuff for it was very interesting. Buster Crabbe is the name of both the actor who played Buck Rogers and a real historical figure for instance. I think its kind of been a great idea so long for me that any execution would be a failure. And the art is bad even for Avatar.

"Gel" is a fairly-standard spelling in Britain for an upper-class pronunciation of "girl" (it shows up on wiktionary, for example).Spelling it that way tells British readers a lot about the class of the character.

Nina, you're awesome. I say that all the time, but these reviews are just the bee's knees. You do such a good job of describing what you get out of a reading experience, that I feel like I get more out of these reviews than from people that are more familiar with the material. For instance, I would have pretty much just ignored Hawkeye, but you make it sound pretty intriguing, maybe just from bringing a fresh perspective. And while I've read a good amount of Warren Ellis books and comics published by Avatar, seeing the reaction from somebody new to the work is great. And Zettwoch, I dig the Zettwoch. Is that a minicomic or something? I should try to find that one.

Okay, now I'm off to spend all day reading Tucker's book about Azzarello...

However if you read it as gel, the awesome stuff I used to spike my hair with when it was short, it's pretty damn funny. “What has crawled up your arse and died today, gel?” Ha! I really do crack myself up. It's fun to be me.

"Draw it right. Put less silly flying cement stuff in the air, draw some non-fake crying. Get a calendar if scheduling your time is so hard."


I'm British, yet I always misread 'gel' (meaning 'girl') as 'gel' (meaning what it is spelled like, which is 'gel' as in 'hair gel'). Could they not spell it 'gehl' or something?

Oh, I don't know.

Also, Ellis is terrible at pacing the endings of things. They always end really abruptly and unsatisfyingly (well, maybe not 'always', though I can't think of any examples right now).

It's good to hear he's moved beyond writing grumpy British people talking like they hate each other, though.

Hey, the Zettwoch book is available from catastrophe shop.


It's only a buck, but i've never gone to that site without finding about 18 more things worth picking up.

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