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I honestly never thought I'd see the day when a Mark Millar comic got a positive review on The Factual. Nina, I love you! I think you should rub Tucker's face in your awesomeness!

Hey, I gave the dude some love in the Olympus post! That's like two days ago!

OK, true confession time - I skimmed the Olympus post and only really read like the last paragraph! Nothing against you or your work, Tucker. It's more that I wanted to read that Humanoids stuff *so* badly when it was announced and other than the first issue of I Am Legion, I just *never* saw it. So, it was making me sad to read your reviews. I realize that sounds silly, but it's true.

And I know you give Millar a fair shake, I just like busting your chops over it! lol

You definitely picked a good issue of Kick-Ass to read, since it's got some funny stuff with the little girl, and the whiny main character is kept to a minimum. Any of the previous five issues would probably have just annoyed you. Well, they annoyed me, at least. Good points about the art too; Romita definitely gives it a fun style, with ill-fitting clothes and general dirtiness.

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