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Oh, yes! Man, I love this record, but it always seems to be the one AC/DC album that hardly anyone knows. There's a lyric from "Gone Shootin'" that I always think of - "I stirred my coffee with the same spoon" - now that is a heck of a way to write a song about your junkie girlfriend. AC/DC have a reputation for being obvious to the point of stupid, but it's hard to argue that about Powerage. "But what's next to the moon?" - what a lyric! Not to mention, some of Angus' best guitar solos. Ah, now I just want to go listen to it again...

Anyhow thanks, I'm really enjoying all these articles. Neat idea to check out 1978, it's a great music year - will you do another year when you're done? 1979, or another less obvious music year - 1989, 1973, 1996?

Thanks man. We really enjoy doing these projects, and, yeah, we've got another year lined up down the road--and it just happens to be one of the ones you mention.

As for AC/DC, this is the second archival music project we've done where we've encountered an incredible AC/DC album that gets little critical respect--the other being 1983's Flick of the Switch. The general thinking is that AC/DC lives or dies on their hits, and neither Powerage or Flick of the Switch really have any, but both albums are great, and deserve way more credit than they get.

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