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Springsteen and AC/DC, huh? I think you've got a lot more patience for the working-class rawk than I do. (Not that I hate them, but I'd have trouble putting either of them in the top 30 for any year, even if it's Nebraska or Back in Black.)

You've only got eleven left. Willie! Willie!

Though if Van Halen is number 1, all will be forgiven.

Interesting. I am a heavy Springsteen fan, and I don't recall hearing the tale that he recorded Darkness in such a rush. Several songs that ended up on that album were showing up on the Born to Run tour, so the gradual evolution always seemed clear to me.

Just checked Wikipedia, and it cites that rumor with a link to Steve Van Zandt at Rolling Stone, but Steve is clearly not laying out exact chronology, but speaking off the cuff and with a certain hyperbolic effect. Sounds like even more a bullshit rumor than you call it as.

Yeah, Darkness as an album, key songs mixed among the party rock on The River, and then Nebraska ... that's a dark ride.

For me, the beauty of the album is the furious warhorses like Badlands and Adam Raised a Cain mixing so well with more intimate or momentary snapshot portraits like Factory and, especially, the brilliantly told Racing in the Street. That's a heartbreaking piece of work, that is.

These music countdown series you guys do are so intense with detail and thought, seriously, they're a great achievement. You could probably maintain your hits and your blogospheric adulation by mocking every six-minute read that is a Battle For The Cowl issue, but instead you offer these impressive undertakings. Thanks.

Thanks Guy. I read that wikipedia stuff too--and then i read stuff saying it wasn't true, and then i read stuff that said it was, and so on, and so forth. The thing I thought was so interesting about the variation was how the fiction of it allowed me to maintain my own interpretation of the album, which is, of course, not true either. I don't listen to Darkness and hear some kind of crazy ass punk album that's "recorded immediately", but I love that there's an argument for that out there. I love it even more when I can go online and find out that it's sort of bullshit. Out of all the albums on this list, this is the only one where I can point to a copy handed off to me from my dad's old record collection--it's 'special', even more so because we both like it for completely different reasons.

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