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Some (most?) of the music and lyrics on Bat Chain Puller and the later albums was written in the early 70's, before the original Magic Band left. The end of the band came from a mix of Don Van Vliet making more money from painting than music and from running out of stuff to record.

Because I set up a Beefheart website back in 1998, I've encountered a lot of the music, and the musicians involved. It's wonderful, impenetrable music. I've never encountered anyone that had a mild reaction to the music - everyone is bewildered by it, and then some small percentage of people listen to it a bit more, and something clicks. The thing that burned me out wasn't the music, but finding out about the horribly difficult lives those people lived to get that music out.

If you want to rule the hipster party, brag about having John French's "O Solo Drumbo" album, where he records his drums-only versions of the Beefheart songs that he originally arranged/constructed. Then, pull out your Grow Fins boxed set. I admit a secret, small desire to have the opportunity to do just that, someday.

That comment is rad.

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