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I'm wondering where the Ramones' "Road to Ruin" is going to place on this list.

Also, I need to listen to more Devo. I've been told this is something I need to do many times but they're rather...they're so unintimidating that it's intimidating to try and start ANYWHERE.

I can't speak for Tucker, but I'm not a big fan of Road to Ruin. It's a bit diluted, after the first three albums. Plus, I had a jackass boss who used to play it at work everyday because he thought he was a rock star. You can look for the Ramones to show up somewhere in this whole thing, though.

I dunno, I don't think they lost their magic until Phil Spector threatened to kill their moms. And I do definitely think it's better than "Leave Home", which is I think by far their weakest early album.

Count me in with Marty on this one, sorry Chris. I like the Ramones fine, but Road to Ruin is less an album to me and more a container for some songs I really like alongside some others I don't.

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