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I dunno, Marty, for me Kraftwerk is this group that for better or worse laid out the blueprint for Daft Punk to follow in order for Daft Punk to not make all the same mistakes Kraftwerk did. Like, can the average music literate fan name one song beyond Trans Europe Express? Like, Krawftwerk is like Brian Eno or Devo - they were trailblazing left and right with seemingly every breath yet no one really remembers them. Then again, maybe all that just proves your thesis....Hmmmm....

In any case, I really need to start working on my projects for the day before I have to stay late again!

No way, Kenny. I'm not completely sold on Devo, but Kraftwerk is awesome. They aren't exactly a singles band, sure, but that doesn't mean they're not great.

Sorry, Noah, I'm having a day of not saying things correctly! lol

I'm trying to say that Kraftwerk, while awesome, is a group that's easier for me to appreciate because of the people they've influenced. Daft Punk is, for my enjoyment, one of the best groups in the world and I'll listen to Daft Punk over Kraftwerk any day of the week. But I feel like Daft Punk benefits greatly from looking at Kraftwerk and seeing where they went both right and wrong. I'm not trying to say Kraftwerk isn't great, just that me personally - I like Daft Punk better.

Kraftwerk is like Devo in they're not the easiest band to listen to unless you really feel like that kind of music going in. They don't have that make everyone happy and dancing factor. Doesn't mean they're not awesome or that the right crowd won't dance to them. In my opinion, groups like that really shine in how the influence those who follow.

Kraftwerk really make me happy. I'll listen to them anytime. I've never heard Daft Punk though, if you can believe it.

The guy who I really feel was not that great but who influenced lots of people I love is Bob Dylan.

I really cannot compare Daft Punk with Kraftwerk. I adore Daft Punk but they are light years below Kraftwerk. The thing is - Kraftwerk IS electronic music, Daft Punk is a popular aesthetic spinoff of electronic music.

The thing is - no matter how much I explore the endless possibilities of electronic musicians I always feel like sitting on a pile of Kraftwerk records while doing that. And then I just have to listen again and again.

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