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I'm ashamed to say I only know one Marvin Gaye album - What's Going On. The thing is, I *love* it. Every time I'm like "I wanna hear some Marvin," I listen to What's Going On and then I'm satisfied. It's the same with Stevie Wonder. I only listen to Songs In The Key of Life. I realize this makes me a poor music fan, but I just *really* like those albums.

Reading this makes me soul sad. I'll have to check out the album when I'm nice and happy so I don't get thrown into a major depression. Oh, Marvin. Oh, Marty.

Good call, guys. Kenny, you should check out more Marvin, not because you're a bad music fan but because it will make you happy. Let's Get It On is the place to go after What's Going On (if hundreds of people haven't told you that already.) And try "Innervisions" for Stevie Wonder; I think it's better than Key of Life....

But...where's the country on this list? Willie better be here somewhere, is all I'm sayin'.... And the Country Gentlemen's "Calling My Children Home" would be great if anyone likes gospel bluegrass....

I don't know, dude. The Factual Opinion is not much of a country-repping type of place.

I will second your advice about Marvin and Stevie, on the other hand. You won't be disappointed, Kenny.

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