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Man, for all the praise it gets, EVERYONE leaves out "Beggars Banquet" when they talk about the Rolling Stone's streak of brilliance.

But I largely agree; this isn't my favorite Stones album but it's definitely nice 'n versatile. Reminds me of when I was little, too, and that "Whassamatta witchoo', boy?" part of "Miss You" would give me the shivers.

I suppose it's too much to hope that "Jazz" by Queen is going to make it up here.

I'll second "Jazz", I love me some fascist Freddy Mercury.

Beggars Banquet is one of the best albums ever made, period. I've always felt, and you guys will think this is blasphemy, but I've always felt it's on par with Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds.

Also, and I should really just stop talking before you all think I'm crazy, but I think Bridges to Babylon is a classic album, too. Saint of Me is one of the Stones' best songs, which is really saying something.

Shattered is an awesome song. And Beast of Burden is pretty great too.

And..that's probably all I've got to add to any of this discussion. I suck when it comes to music criticism.

Kenny, that ain't blasphemy. THIS is blasphemy: Sgt. Peppers is an absolute piece of shit.

I stand by it, too.

Wow, an absolute piece of shit.

Those are some pretty high standards you've got there.

That should have read: "wow, an ABSOLUTE piece of shit..."

By which I mean, that is a very extreme level of shittiness.

I think so.

I REALLY hate that album.


I've explained this ridiculously in depth to so many people in real life that I'm tired of talking about it for the most part, but the short version is that I think that Sgt. Peppers-for all the things it was trying to do-all those things A)didn't gel and B)another band was doing one of them a lot better. Pop, psychedelica, conceptuality, flat-out musicianship-somebody had already done all of these things and done them better before SP. A lot of it is just incredibly unimaginative and dull, not to mention stupid.

It's not even that I have a problem with the Beatles-"Revolver" and "The White Album" are really excellent. "Sgt. Peppers" just infuriates me like no other album can.

(Although you do have to be kind of a monster to dislike "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds")

Well, I won't argue with you, even if I do disagree...'cause that's interesting, I've never heard that particular take on it before. If you hadn't gotten tired of explaining it I'd press you for details, since it sounds like you've got it all worked out...

And also, too, I don't want to come across like passive-aggressive drive-by artist on the Internet!

I've been trying really, really hard to second-guess "A Day In The Life," but I can't do it. It remains an awesome song.

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