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I disagree with everything you say except for the fact that this is a boss album.

You're not alone in thinking he was awesome to have a drink with: he was so good at having a drink that he drank himself into rehab for the better part of the 80s. There's a great line on "Detox Mansion" about him and Elizabeth Taylor raking leaves at the Betty Ford clinic. That same album also had appearances from Neil Young, Dylan, George Clinton and REM, so, you know, he probably was a good guy to have a drink with even when the drink was diet Pepsi.

I don't know...I'd have to listen to this again. I enjoyed it back when, but it's somewhat soured in memory. I think my favorite song actually ended up being "Tenderness on the Block," which is just a lovely pop tune.

This album rocks asses. I love Warren Zevon. He's not so much your dad's music as he is your cool uncle's.

Never in a million years would I have guessed that Warren Zevon would get so much love here.

I guess if we're being technical, Excitable Boy would probably be my mom's music. She was on some Dire Straits/Police shit, while my dad just liked Crosby Stills & Nash and the Beatles. My cool uncle bought me Talking Heads records and told me about The Residents. Happy Mother's Day.

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