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Tucker, I'm not a reader of Ultimate Spider-Man, but I think I can rationalize a defense for Bendis. The job market in Cleveland, and really all of NorthEast Ohio, is so bad I think all of us who grow up in this area develop a crippling fear of losing our jobs someday and having no alternative to go to. So, I think it breeds a mentality where it's just like "always keep your head low, always be subservient," and it leads to lots of suffering on the job no matter what kind of track record you have. It's just a guess on my part, but I see that with a lot of people I know from the area.

I read Ultimate Spidey in trades, and will simply skip any collections that cross over with Ultimatum. Or that even have a "Loved it! -- Jeph Loeb" pullquote on the back. Loeb is like the swine flu -- you gotta quarantine that shit or it'll never go away.

If the smoke clears and USM gets to keep being USM, I'll be back.

Not buying Stupid Crossover Shit is the best way to stop them from making it that won't get me arrested.

Wait, that issue of Wolverine was just a one-shot or something? I know it got released out of order so as to be something that people who saw the movie would buy (ha ha, that's rich), but I figured it was still part of the Millar/McNiven run. Does that mean #72 is the last part of the story? Eh, whatever. Fuck that shit anyway.

Looks like I do need to read Rawbone though; that sounds hilarious.


Hi-larious, but FYI: Secret Six should say published by DC, not Marvel.

OH wait, it's a metajoke. Got it.


Andy Clarke inks his own shit, yo. The St. Aubin/Hanna team just happens to look like him, mostly, I'm willing to bet, due to Villarrubia's coloring. But other than the photoshop, the hands touching the art board are pretty much totally different.

Yikes, that's not even a halfway intended joke gone awry, that's just straight up shit screw-uppery. I'm tempted to fix it, probably will when i'm supposed to be working tomorrow.

How odd. God though, the appearance of the faces--is there a Kevin Maguire setting on Photoshop now?

In all seriousness: whoops. Gotta watch that shit. Not cool.

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