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Mysterius is kind of a time warp in itself-- it reminds me of the "what the hell, why not" off-brand titles DC used to publish in the mid- to late eighties. Fun, kinetic, carefully & lovingly assembled... It doesn't look like the end product of Industry at all. Certainly not the sort of thing you're conditioned to expect out of DC/ WILDSTORM / WE PRINT LICENSES.

Props to those shameless hucksters for publishing Mysterius! Here's hoping Fowler & Parker pair up again.

>Now, there's never going to be a single Outsiders story worth reading as the team now stands, because it includes characters like Geo-Force, Katana, Halo & Owlman, and those four right there are proof positive that the argument "all super-heroes are basically the same" is factually inaccurate, because really, there are no stories in existence that those four jackals can't fuck up.
I laughed out loud when I read this! Coupled with your last month's "the Outsiders" comment ("Alfred: you get the Outsiders and still have to work, even though I am dead and you are old."), I really feel that when it comes to "Comics of the weak", you give "the Outsiders" a special brand of love:)

SEMANTIC CORRECTION: Sal Cipriano lettered Hellblazer; I'm pretty sure Jamie "Why The Fuck Am I Not Working On Batman And Robin" Grant did the colors, which, as you've commented before, raise it above almost everything else Vertigo publishes, at least visually.

whoops, fixed!

Yeah I have to say: Captain America is starting to get into pointless territory. When did these writers forget that even in the midst of an overarching storyline, each issue must contain the basic storytelling elements of protagonist, antagonist and conclusion?

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