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This shit is bananas.

But just wondering, did you skip I Am Legion (which was the only one I actually bought) and Zombies that Ate the World because they're being republished by Devil's Due now?

Yeah, we skipped that I Am Legion thing, in part because of Devil's Due and in part because they only published that one piece of it. With Zombies--I'm pretty sure DC never got around to any of that one.

After this and The Brave & The Bold with Noah, I am looking forward to your Legion of Superheroes gang bang with Abhay.

Oh, whoops, never mind about the zombies then. Shows what I know.

You have to meet Abhay in a van in the middle of the night if you want to do a team-up with him. And he'll only participate if you pay him in juice boxes. Nina said I'm not allowed until I get older.

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