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It would be awesome if Marvel or DC reverse-engineered a comic by asking a tween girl what she expected to read based on the title. I think Spider-Girl might have been another good example of this?

Have you read Swan, Nina? It's an actual honest-to-god manga about dance competitions; I haven't read it, but the art I've seen looks lovely.

I forget, did Nina read Bang Tango? That one was about dancing. From what I read, I don't think the dancing was done very well though.

And throw Phonogram volume2, issue 1, in her direction as well. Dance magic!

I think I feel a little thing called Virgin Dance brewing.....
("Dance of the Virgin"? "Pump of the Virgin, Dance, Dance!" ??? Help me out here...)

Rites of Spring?

Virgin Aftermath: Crying of the Bunion!

my 4-year-old daughter loves comics (superfriends, tiny titans, harvey's casper), her ideal book would be "Princess Batgirl" -- she came up with that herself, along with "Super Ballet Girl." DC, Marvel, down to you...

I'd be pretty tempted to check out a book called "Princess Batgirl" as well...

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