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Are you planning on reading the earlier League volumes? Not for Virgin Read, just to read...

I hadn't planned on it necessarily, but I wouldn't rule it out. Do you suggest I should? Any one in particular (are there 2 before this issue, or more?)

There are two books, volume 1 and volume 2, both set in the late 19th century, and a not-quite-volume-3 called the Black Dossier, mostly set in the late 1950s.
Volume 1 is a fun romp through Victorian pulp fiction - Sherlock Holmes, Fu Manchu etc. Volume 2 is a darker story that takes place around the margins of War Of The Worlds.
The Black Dossier is ...different. I loved it, but it aroused *very* strong feelings both ways. But pretty much everyone thinks the first two volumes proper are absolutely essential...

OMG! I want to cry! Thank you, Nina! I'm very happy you did this review and even happier to hear you enjoyed it so much!

Alan Moore, the writer, is a very distinguished figure in comics. He's also someone that everyone has preconceived notions of, good or bad. My thought was you don't have any notions about him, though. You could actually read this story and determine whether it succeeds or fails based on it's own merit!

Also, you have an extensive theater background, so you're the perfect sort of person to read something like this and "get" what Moore is trying to do. Also, you can determine if that part succeeds or fails on its own. Like, I don't have a theater background, so I can say, "I think Moore did alright there," but my opinion is in no way informed.

Anyway, I am the kind of person to hunt through and get all the references. I also always invariably go and read a few books that are new to me every time I read through a League story. I also think Alan Moore is the world's greatest living writer (although my favorite is Neil Gaiman - yes, I'm a spaz! lol). My point is, I *love* Moore's stuff before I even read it because to me, even if Moore fails, it's better than watching almost anyone else, except Gaiman, tread water.

Long story short, I'm just very happy I was able to suggest something that you got so much enjoyment out of. You don't need to say anything "heady" about this work. All you need to say is what you liked or didn't like and why, which you always do so well.

Anyway, excellent review and I'm happy you enjoyed the book so much!

As far as earlier league volumes - Vol 1 is an excellent read in that fun, pulp sense. Vol 2 is my favorite because it takes the characters from the first, puts them through a different kind of adventure, and really gets a lot of drama out of it. I feel The Black Dossier is strictly for us literary freaks who look for every reference. I wouldn't recommend it to someone like you, because it would be like me reading a book about obscure theater trivia.

FYI, the songs in the book do actually have a melody. They're reworkings of some of the songs from Threepenny Opera. That song MacHeath the killer sings during his rampage, fer instance, is to be sung to the tune of "Mack the Knife."

Indeed - and the other one is a re-working of "Pirate Jenny" from Threepenny Opera. There's an interesting blogpost about translations of it here.

Sorry. Let me try that link again:



Well said Jim!

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