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Gerber and Ploog seem to be improving over time, which bodes well for the rest of the stories in this trade.

Ah, I love that damn Dawg story, you know...

It's really too bad they don't include the letters-pages in these Essentials (too bad no colour, either -- Ploog really looks great in colour), because if they did you could see that for instance this story was very well-received by the readership, and a LOT of the other stories were NOT -- "Song-Cry" drove readers away like it was a forest fire, obviously. The "Dawg" business, this is very Gerberesque, not that the broad stuff like "F.A. Schist" isn't Gerberesque too because it totally IS...but this is the kind of Gerberesque most Man-Thing readers wanted to see more of.

They didn't exactly get it!

Too bad you never made it to the censorship story. Yes: Man-Thing fights censorship, too. He really does.

And the hilarious thing is, I know you now totally believe me when I say that.

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