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Oddly the character didn't always have the massive rack. One of the artists drawing her at some point started increasing her breast size in each issue of whatever book she was in at the time. Just to see how long it would take for editorial to notice...

The above comment has also been described as a comic-book urban legend. True or not it is apparently required to be mentioned whenever the character is mentioned.

Nina, many of your readers will have seen this delightful Comics Journal cover, but my money says you haven't.


I read this whole thing, and nothing against you, Nina, but Power Girl - who cares? We need to get your reviewing talents back on stuff that's worth reviewing. Like - how's Nana going? Would you enjoy the story in RASL? Have you done a review on Bone yet? But, like, I don't want you reviewing just stuff that *I* like - I would like it if you reviewed something and I was all like "Oh wow. That sounds worth the read!" Power Girl - she's not going to do it....

Wait!!! I know!!!!! Please, please, *please* review League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century! It just came out this week for you guys in NYC, I think. Because you have a background in theater, but don't know nor probably care who Alan Moore is, you'd bring a whole new insight that no one can bring! Yes, please do League!

You did a good job of summing up DC superheroes, and superhero comics in general for that matter: why should we care? Generic stories with punching and flying and explosions and all that shit. Boring. They should give this series to somebody like Garth Ennis and see what kind of depraved shit he can come up with. Or hell, why not go all the way and have Jim Balent take over? That would be something to kind of gasp in horror at, at least.

Nina, for a different and more refreshing take on a female superhero, you should really check out Marvel's recent Hellcat miniseries. (Ask Tucker. I'm sure he's probably got them somewhere.)

Here's a link to a really great review of it: http://www.thoughtballoonists.com/2009/04/that-hellcat-rhythm.html

I think I'm just going to have to always disagree with Kenny. I mean, "Go fly your Power Girl boobies around the world fighting evil." You write a line like that, that's time well spent in my book.

This might sound odd, but the Power Girl fans that are interested in this series really aren't buying it for the titillation. It's odd because we're aware of the breasts, but it's not what makes her worth reading about. She's had a very troubled continuity, where instead of just losing a planet like Superman, she lost her whole damn universe in the first Crisis so she's stuck in the current DC universe. She also has a very polar effect on the DC characters, as those that don't know her will comment on her tits and those that do know her, such as the JSA, respect her strong people management and her ability to be an effin' tank. It varies with the artist, but I also like the fact that she's often drawn to LOOK like a power house, when other strong female characters look like twigs.

But yeah, every subset of fandom is going to see something in their characters that the outside doesn't see, and it's only normal that people notice the breasts. The only thing that bothers me is that the perception will turn people away from a comic that has expressive art and a sense of fun I haven't really seen since Dan Slott's She-Hulk.

I'm glad you wrote about this, Nina...and I'm happy that people are voicing their opinions! When I posted the cover last week, I got a ton of feedback from readers - awesome and sometimes shocking stuff, actually: http://www.happyblogtime.com/2009/05/power-of-power-girl.html

Check it out if you'd like - I think all the conversation about it says a lot about what's going in the world, and hopefully, the changes that may come about in the Comicdom.

"I was still pleased as punch to have a female super-hero choice to read about"

You should still check out Supergirl Cosmic Adventures.

Noah - touche! You're right, that is a great line!

Why can't women with big boobs be superheroes too, that's what I wanna know! They can be anything else they wanna be, right? But introduce a character 30 years ago with big funbags, and that's all everybody bitches about for decades now. Geez.

Oh, and for the record, there's no way I'd buy this comic if Amanda Connor were not illustrating it. She's the main reason this umpteenth attempt to get people interested in this character, outside of big breast fetishists that is, is worth noticing at all.

In my opinion, of course, "factual" or otherwise.

Way to go, Nina -- and Noah, and Dane. She's a strong, capable, mostly together chick. She still has trouble knowing who she is and where she fits in. She's no size 2, but she's pretty and sexy. She likes that about herself, but she'd like it more if other people could get past it to see the rest of who she is. Saving the world feels good and distracts her from all those issues, so she does it every chance she gets. She might be the most realistic character in tights.

"Why can't women with big boobs be superheroes too, that's what I wanna know! They can be anything else they wanna be, right? But introduce a character 30 years ago with big funbags, and that's all everybody bitches about for decades now. Geez."

Reading attempt: Failed

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