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The Fringe finale was 100% an episode of the Fantastic Four. The strong one (who's fighting with the smart one because the smart one made her weird with his stupid science) fights Doctor Doom, whose skin has been flayed off by his investigations in Weird Shit. Then, the Hothead (Pacey) came in and won the day by shooting the ultimate nullifier which the FF got in the nick of time thanks to the intervention of Uatu, just like in FF #... 52? Whichever. Also, the Invisible Girl (that one girl who doesn't do anything) continued to not do anything.

Also: Spock is Galactus, and that ugly lady who Spock remade into half-robot, half-ugly-lady is Galactus's herald, Silver Surfer or Terrax, whichever. Also, in the Fringe finale, your mom is a hooker, for money.

You could make an argument that the episode ended in the Baxter Building, but it'd be a slightly offensive one. Offensive to your mom, the hooker.

Also, WKRP was totally Ghost Rider.


i concur. wow is right.

My friend Hilary, on Bob Fossil:

"I hate him."

Then she hates America.
Also Abhay... fuck.

Exactly! Exactly.

Damn, I'm late on Abhay's comment (good thing Tucker linked to it in a later post), but it is genius. Obviously, I'm not the one who should be doing these writeups.

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