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Maybe all the cuts are why that one episode of Boosh that I watched seemed inexplicable to me. I should try to watch it online and see if I can grok it. And by the way, I think Adult Swim lost most of its karma when they started airing shit like 12 oz. Mouse. But they get it all back for each new season of Venture Brothers.

Hey, where do you get the images for these posts? The one for Fringe is pretty perfect this week. Are they posted online somewhere, or do you actually do screen captures? I'm impressed.

The Boosh is an acquired taste anyway, MJB; I love many of the cast in things like Darkplace and Nathan Barley but have never very much felt it, despite trying to, on at least 3 occasions. [UK perspex, there]

Whoa, Daughter in Chief, what is with Paypal-ing assassin's on a work computer? I can't even get Youtube videos to play. I did like the big red EXECUTE button option, as CAR EXPLODES probably wouldn't have fit.

and thank god for Chloe & her trace algorithms, always coming through to absolve the one innocent minority. Not save them of course, that is asking a bit isn't it? Maybe next year they will use trace algorithms to recant testimony that Emmett Till whistled at that white lady, nice set of gams or not.

Are you asking what Farraday's motivations for going back to the island were, or why he went back story-wise? It seems that you answered both questions in your breakdown of the episode. Am I right?

Sean, no correction needed from me (if I am the Nina you were referring to). I once had a director yell at me while I was in a scene where my back was to the audience: "act with your spine! i want to see a question mark in your spine!"

And then I put on tights and yelled at a pencil.

I think you might be referring to me 10FootBongz (I'm Zeb not Sean - our bylines can be a bit confusing)

I was asking story-wise, and I'm still not sure if I know why. Even though I know he came back to set off a bomb and save the world, I'm still not sure what motivated it. Maybe we'll eventually learn what happened out there in Ann Arbor that made him change his essential philosophy.

If you have any speculations, I'd love to hear them.

Sorry about that, the bylines are not confusing, I am just not that sharp. As for Faraday's motivation, my reading is this:

I don't think that Faraday was trying to save the world. I think that he basically lost his mind when Charlotte's body disappeared, and that is why he decided to try and change the past. My support for this theory is that Faraday tried to make sure that 'touch her and the Punisher will get you'-aged Charlotte got off of the island before the A-Bomb went off. His rationale to Jack and Kate was, in my mind, strictly for their benefit.

Also, has every Faraday/Young Charlotte interaction been genuinely creepy, or is it just me?

MJB - Hey, 12 Oz Mouse is pure fucking Dadaist television! It is literally the only thing that exists like that, and that makes it special. For the Boosh - I'd actually recommend either torrenting it and watching it uncut and in order (which is what I did last year)or seeing if they've had them pulled off youtube yet. I know Dark Place and the IT Crowd are both stuff up in their entirety, but I haven't checked the Boosh. Duncan's right though, it's a completely acquired taste and I understand anyone that's not into it.

And I'm sending Tucker screencaps w/my reviews.

10FootBongz - I have not watched Lost since Mr. Eko was on it but yes. When I finally catch up with it on dvd in 2 years, Zeb's reviews will make sense to me.

Duncan - I've got to check out Nathan Barley

Nina - hey, that originally had someone else's name there, but then again he's editing these things. I WAS RIGHT, THOUGH, WASN'T I?!!

Boosh is off Youtube, probably because season 1 is getting a US dvd release this summer.

Nathan Barley, Deadset, Snuff Box, and Brass Eye are all there.

If you guys haven't seen them, I would recommend The Thick of It & Delocated.

Delocated is awesome, especially the Michael Shannon episode. As is Snuff Box. I've got to catch up on the rest.

Yeah, images are just screengrabs I get from Fox. Zeb handles his own though--i haven't watched Lost since that Iraqi guy shot the blond girl.

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