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I've always wondered what it would be like in a post-apocalypse having to drink water out of a toilet. Judd Winnick's Batman answered that for me. Now, at least, I know I can do it, though I might zone out every once in a while.

Also, I hope Tim Drake dies when this series ends. He's just no fun.

Bang on the nose with Winick Batman.

Tim Drake's my favorite Robin, though. That's not saying much, as I don't like any of the other Robins at all, except Carrie Kelley, she was the shit, but the early early Tim Drake stories were some of my first comics ever, so it's like that. But he was only consistent under the pen of Chuck Dixon, and has since had any semblance of characterization torn asunder, so they might as well turn him into Nightwing-lite for no discernible reason, right?

That was possibly the single best comment on a superhero character I've ever seen, with Tim Drake. I actually now understand why I like the character. I was going to be like, "Now that's not fair", but then the further I read I was like "Oh my God he's totally fucking right."

This was a really good week.

I don't know if this is a genuine mistake or a purposeful one, but Dustin Nguyen drew Wildcats Version 3.0, not the Intimates. That was Giuseppe Camuncoli. As the internet's resident Casey obsessor, I feel the need to point these things out. Not so much because I care, but because I get the impression that others think I should care. I see others point out things like this when it's their weird little obsession and assume I should do the same thing. However, I don't actually care that much. People make mistakes, they remember things wrong, why is it my responsibility to point that out just because I read a bunch of comics by that writer?

...this had nothing to do with anything. *shrugs*

Nah, genuine screw-up. Is fixed!

Nice post-Tarantinoesque reviews but needs more F-words and perhaps a smoky photoshopped logo of the actual review, add horns or something just to get into the vibe. Thanks. Oh and a shameless plug http://wereviking.wordpress.com Zephyr -- a superhero webcomic in prose.

Wow, that is exactly what I've always thought about Tim Drake, only put better and with fewer "um"s. Great stuff!

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